AMBITAS Healthcare designs, develops and markets a wide range of prescription and non-prescription Pharmaceuticals, as well as a premium line of Consumer Healthcare products – Dietary Supplements (Nutraceuticals) and Probiotics.

Our products are well-researched, have a solid scientific foundation and enjoy a region-wide acceptance. We have a track record of providing top quality products, manufactured in European-based, GMP-certified facilities, and according to stringent EFSA and EMA guidelines.

Our market position and dynamic expansion revolves around three strategic pillars:

  • The design and development of novel, innovative products and services for health & care for the consumer healthcare market
  • Our persistence to continuously improve upon our offered products and services
  • Our distribution agreements with world renowned consumer healthcare brands

Our vision is to continuously provide high quality and innovative products that address the needs of today’s healthcare consumers for an all-around improvement of health, care and well-being. We move forward with the utmost respect for the societies and the market environments we operate in, adding tangible value to consumers, commercial partners, suppliers and employees.