AMBITAS Healthcare was established with the aim to provide products and solutions of the highest value possible.

Our company is built upon our dedication and passion to deliver solutions which provide professionals with the tools and solutions they need in order to improve the quality of life of their patients. We go the extra mile to provide innovative tools that address complex questions.

Ambitas mission

The AMBITAS Healthcare Value commitment:

We commit to consistently deliver innovative Pharmaceuticals and Nutraceuticals that continuously improve the quality of lives of patients and healthcare consumers worldwide.

Pharmaceutical Value
We commit to produce Pharmaceuticals and Consumer Healthcare products that deliver tangible and measurable results, allowing patients and consumers alike to live healthier lives.

Clinical Value
We commit to provide H/C professionals with solutions of established value, for the benefit of all patients, worldwide.

Financial Value
We commit to offer complete solutions that allow our commercial partners to use their full potential, grow their existing business and expand.